The Trayvon Hoax



AS A FILMMAKER, I did not set out to write a book. I set out to produce a documentary about the rise of Florida politico Andrew Gillum. Even after I thought a book would be useful, I certainly did not expect to write this book. But I have done so, along with a documentary feature film of the same name. The more I looked into Gillum’s success, however, the more need I saw to investigate the unanswered questions of the criminal case upon which Gillum built his career. I had followed the 2012 shooting death of seventeen-year-old Trayvon Martin and the subsequent trial of George Zimmerman from afar and, like many others, I had grave concerns about the lynch mob mentality that drove the case. The shooting and trial took place in Sanford, Florida. I intended to visit Sanford, but this investigation took me places I never expected to go. From the back alleys of Little Haiti in Miami to the bucolic campus of Florida State University in Tallahassee, I got an earful and an eyeful. I met George Zimmerman as I had hoped to, but I ended up centering both the documentary and this book on a young woman I did not even know existed when I started the project. Click to Continue Reading Prologue.

2019 Pulitzer Prize Entry

    The Trayvon Hoax


    Trayvon Hoax Book Cover
  1. Tell Mama 'Licia I'm Sorry
  2. The Zimmerman Deception
  3. Incident Revisited
  4. Leftists and Anti-Racism
  5. The Trayvon Deception
  6. Loving Diamond
  7. The Diamond Deception
  8. The Sybrina Letter
  9. The Crump Tape
  10. Mission Miami
  11. Little Haiti
  12. Unmasking Diamond
  13. Fake News
  14. All About Diamond
  15. Tallahassee Bound
  16. Twitter Tells All
  17. 30 Days to Live
  18. The Last Day
  19. Bearing False Witness
  20. The Days After
  21. Forced Out of Hiding
  22. The Plot Unfolds
  23. The Rose Garden
  24. Arrest Zimmerman Now!
  25. Sybrina’s Diamond Dilemma
  26. Rachel’s First Perjury
  27. Framed for the Agenda
  28. Lies, Lies, and More Lies
  29. Rachel on Trial
  30. The Verdict
  31. CSI Miami
  32. The Trayvon Hoax
  33. Very Bad Consequences

Director Joel Gilbert peruses the Michael Krop High School 2012 yearbook searching for Diamond in Miami, Florida.

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Author: Joel Gilbert
Release Date: September 16, 2019
Pages: 270
Formats: Paperback, eBook
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"In my quest to learn more about this mystery girl, Diamond, I found myself being pulled down a side road, a mysterious one."