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Diana West Interviews Joel Gilbert


Diana West

Are Young Blacks Weary of Being ‘Played’?

Gilbert’s film has drawn nearly 4,000 comments, a surprising number of them from young black people. READ MORE >

Jack Cashill
American Spectator

Zimmerman Suit Spells Trouble for Black Lives Matter

They have a dismal record of blowing up “racial killings” that turn out to be nothing of the kind. READ MORE >

Jack Cashill
American Spectator

LeBron James learned nothing from being duped by Trayvon Martin hoax

Ironically, LeBron James, a superstar basketball player, keeps getting "played." READ MORE >

Joel Gilbert
American Thinker

Documentary Claims Trayvon Martin Prosecution Hoaxed America

Gilbert believes that those seeking political and financial gain are concocting a narrative that pits one skin color against another. READ MORE >

The Federalist

The Media's False Narrative on Trayvon Case

Diamond Eugene reluctantly came forward under what Crump in a TV interview admitted was pressure from the Trayvon camp. READ MORE >

Rael Jean Issac
American Spectator

Zimmerman Prosecutors Deny the Undeniable As Lawsuit Proceeds

George Zimmerman's lawsuit saga is unfolding though the Florida court system in the form of depositions and a powerful but little known tool called "Requests for Admissions." READ MORE >

Jack Cashill
American Thinker

Here’s Why the Trayvon Story Won’t Go Away

The book and film lay out the case that Rachel Jeantel, the key prosecution witness, who testified that she was on the phone with Martin, was an impostor. READ MORE >

Eric Zorn
Chicago Tribune

Patrick Mahomes vs The Gospel of Trayvon

If you challenge The Gospel you can expect reprisal. Patrick Mahomes, just learned this lesson the hard way. READ MORE >

Joel Gilbert
American Thinker

CBS Miami: Cinema Sued For Canceled Screening

Highway 61 Entertainment LLC has filed a lawsuit for $ 670,000 in damages for “breach of contract.” READ MORE >


'Flagrant Judicial Fraud' Trayvon Martin's 'Girlfriend' Was 'Swapped Before Trial'

Rachel Jeantel, was an impostor swapped in before trial in place Brittany Diamond Eugene. READ MORE >

Information Liberation


Doug Hagmann Report: “Joel is a hero”

National Press Club - 9/16/19
Joel Gilbert

Michelle Malkin: “An investigative journalism Tour-de-Force”

NBC: The Today Show

Michelle Malkin Part 2: “Deserving of a Pulitzer Prize”

One America News
Chanel Rion Reporting

Newsmax Now with John Bachman

Profs Loury and McWhorter
"Civil rights can't be built on a lie"

WFLA-TV Tampa, Florida

Jason Whitlock interviews Joel Gilbert on his Fearless Podcast


Exposing the Trayvon Martin Hoax

Joel’s expose in this film of the truth behind a gross legal fraud in the case of the death of Trayvon Martin is entertaining, illuminating and greatly troubling. READ MORE >

Bill Marshall

Zimmerman’s Lawsuit Poses Legitimate Questions

George Zimmerman filed a $100 million lawsuit against Trayvon Martin's family last week, and the reaction was predictable. READ MORE >

David Whitley
Orlando Sentinel

Key Trayvon Witness Proven to be Imposter

Florida prosecutors' star witness was an imposter according to research laid out in a new documentary. READ MORE >

Kari Donovan
National File

Hillary endorses woman at heart of Trayvon scandal

Jack Cashill asks Florida reporters to cover fraud committed by teen's mother. READ MORE >

Jack Cashill

The Trayvon Martin Hoax Comes Crashing Down

A new book and film exposes how much of the legal and media case against George Zimmerman was based on a false witness. READ MORE >

Karl Notturno
American Greatness

Media sees no evil over 'Trayvon Hoax'

Jack Cashill notes new film exposes 'most spectacular legal fraud in memory'. READ MORE >

Jack Cashill

Film Tells Story of Racial Hoax Surrounding Trayvon Martin’s Death

The myth that black teen Trayvon Martin was a victim of racist violence set race relations back and was foisted on Americans by unscrupulous prosecutors in Florida READ MORE >

Matthew Vadum
The Epoch Times

Journalists Have Become Hoaxters

Gilbert demonstrated a long-lost art, investigative journalism, and he did it in a fun and entertaining manner. READ MORE >

Brian Joondeph
American Thinker


The Trayvon Hoax Shines a Light on the 'Fake News' Industry

Joel demonstrated a long-lost art, investigative journalism, and he did it in a fun, entertaining, and easily readable manner. READ MORE >

Brian Joondeph
American Thinker

The Trayvon Martin Hoax

A brand new film and book, both titled The Trayvon Hoax, show how facts were twisted to bolster a racist narrative and divide America. READ MORE >

Donald Jeffries
American Free Press

Entertaining, Brilliant Expose

I've never seen anything quite like this. The film is gripping. You see how Gilbert thought this out…the movie plays like the best imaginable CSI episode except it's real. READ MORE >



Hillary Clinton Pushes Trayvon Hoax Again

Hillary Clinton has taken to promoting yet another highly questionable story in her political life by stumping for the candidacy of Sybrina Fulton. READ MORE >

Bill Marshall

Time to Un-tell the Trayvon Lies

Jack Cashill spotlights new film blowing hole in media reporting on case. READ MORE >

Jack Cashill

LA Director Releases Controversial Film


Elena del Valle
Hispanic Marketing


Peter Schiff: Trayvon Martin Race Hoax Exposed

Director Joel Gilbert on theDoveTV:

Andre Davis: My Review of the Trayvon Martin Hoax

Jon Clem: The Trayvon Hoax Started Black Lives Matter


Bombshell discovery exposes 'Trayvon hoax'

Iconic case spawned Black Lives Matter, current racial divide. READ MORE >

Why Did the Miami Herald Abandon Journalism?

During the time between the shooting in February 2012 and the Zimmerman trial in 2013, the Miami Herald was the only mainstream media outlet in the country to report honestly on the proceedings. READ MORE >

Jack Cashill
American Thinker


The Trayvon Hoax – A Fraud on America

Filmmaker Joel Gilbert’s new book The Trayvon Hoax brilliantly exposes one of the most fraudulent and shameful trials in the history of the United States. The story of the attempted legal lynching of George Zimmerman for the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin was a tragedy with numerous casualties including Zimmerman, young black Americans and race relations in the United States. READ MORE >

Frank Hawkins
The American Thinker

A Trial Hijacked for Political Gain

Joel Gilbert’s book and video spotlights a lawless and exploitative stain on America’s system of justice. READ MORE >

Gila Hayes
Legal Defense Network


America Can We Talk?
Debbie Georgatos

VIDEO 1 >    VIDEO 2 >

Video Review

Kyle Suggs

Book Review


Old Fashioned Detective Work

"With a stunning amount of old fashioned detective work, Joel Gilbert has ripped the cover off of the tragic Trayvon Martin story to expose one of the worst judicial frauds in American history, and how it was used to divide America along racial lines. Pulitzer Prize!"

Frank Hawkins
Former Associated Press Correspondent

Mind Blowing Revelations

"Joel Gilbert's extraordinary investigative work pays off with mind-blowing revelations. I thought I knew the Trayvon Martin story. I didn't know the half of it. The Trayvon Hoax should shake up national debate on race and crime."

Jack Cashill
Author:  If I Had A Son
Race, Guns, and the Railroading of George Zimmerman

A Masterpiece That Blows The Lid Off Judicial Corruption

"THE TRAYVON HOAX is a masterpiece that blows the lid off Judicial corruption and the use of courts to stir racial tensions within the nation. Dogged investigative work seldom witnessed!"

Charles Jones
B/Gen. USAF (Ret)


Interview with Director Joel Gilbert and Attorney Larry Klayman

Seven Years on Will We Finally See Actual Justice for Trayvon? WATCH VIDEO >

Crowdsource the Truth

The Mother of All Racial Hoaxes

Tawana Brawley? Jussie Smollet? Guess again. Until I previewed the incredible and shocking documentary by producer and director Joel Gilbert (Highway 61 Entertainment), The Trayvon Martin Hoax, I really did not know a serious hoax from a cheap Halloween disguise. READ MORE >

Willie Shields
The American Thinker

The Trayvon Hoax: Unmasking the Witness Fraud that Divided America

After a painstaking investigation into the Trayvon Martin shooting, I have produced a film and written a companion book, both called The Trayvon Hoax: Unmasking the Witness Fraud that Divided America. Only after I started the project did I realize I had stumbled onto the most spectacular case of identity fraud in modern American judicial history. Thanks to the folks at American Thinker for allowing me to reveal it here for the first time. READ MORE >

Joel Gilbert
The American Thinker


KNUS Denver, Randy Corporon Show

JUNE 25, 2020 >
SEPTEMBER 5, 2020 >

The Vegas Take

Gilbert on Pat Mahomes and Coral Gables lawsuit


Opperman Report


Bill Martinez Show


Bob Frantz and Larry Elder Show

Bob Frantz interviews Joel Gilbert. Starts at 21:00 LISTEN >

Joyce Kaufman Show

Joyce speaks to Joel Gilbert from West Palm Beach. Starts at: 00:18:50 LISTEN >

CL Bryant Show

Listen to Joel Gilbert interviewed by CL Bryant (Runaway Slave movie) LISTEN >

WCBM Baltimore

Listen to Joel Gilbert interviewed on Baltimore WCBM. LISTEN >

Wake Up! with Randy Corporon

Listen starting at 20:00 with Randy Corporon on Denver KNUS LISTEN >

Peter Boyles Show

Filmmaker Joel Gilbert on the premiere of his new film, "The Trayvon Hoax: Unmasking the Witness Fraud that Divided America. LISTEN >

Larry O'Connor Show

Listen as Larry spoke with Joel Gilbert on "The Trayvon Hoax: Unmasking the Witness Fraud that Divided America". LISTEN >


"The Truth is 180 degrees from the media narrative."

Lou Dag

"A mesmerizing account of what happens when public figures from the President on down interfere with justice for political purposes."


"A tough pill to swallow for those who bit hook, line and sinker."

Marcus A

"A masterpiece. Joel Gilbert gives us a Pulitzer-worthy feat of investigative journalism so good that it's a work of art. While other journalists trafficked in caricatures, Joel alone bothered with the complicated truth, and brings us a story that is as sensitively-told and emotionally gripping as it is significant for the entire media-political industrial complex."

Luke Rosiak
Author: Obstruction of Justice: How the Deep State Risked National Security to Protect the Democrats

"Rivetting and enlightening."

Roger Patterson

"Huge! Epic. Amazing. Breathtaking. Unbelievable. And a bunch of other adjectives I can't come up with right now."

Derrick W.

“A book that should be read by all Americans, to reveal how the country was deceived and race relations suffered. May the origin of this evil be revealed so healing can begin.”


"I got the message of the movie completely, and it is one of racial peace."

Cheyenne Moore


Filmmaker Joel Gilbert Set To Reveal The Hoax Behind Rachel Jeantel

Anyone who paid attention to the details in the George Zimmerman case knew Florida state prosecutors knowingly, and with malicious intent, falsified witness testimony from Witness #8 Rachel Jeantel; who they claimed was Trayvon Martin’s girlfriend. READ MORE >

The Conservative Treehouse
"How is it possible no one in the media chose to do what I did? The answer is the truth would not have advanced their fear-fueled racial agenda."